Solutions For Fiduciaries

As a fiduciary trustee, your clients have entrusted you to care for and protect their assets. What we offer trustees is the ability for you to concentrate on serving your clients while offloading the monotonous tasks typically associated with the management, maintenance and disposition of real estate assets. We offer our “Full Service Listing”, meaning from the moment you engage us for our services, we step in with as little or as much interaction as you choose with regard to handling the property. We provide a “menu of services” for you to choose from. Some of our trustees simply email us an address, and we handle everything from there, including initial Broker Price Opinions (BPOs), coordination of cleanup and removal and/or cataloging and auction of remaining personal property/antiques, facilitating appraisals (DOD and Probate), assistance with pre-listing preparation of the property for sale, such as coordinating repair and maintenance work, including lead/asbestos testing (if required), as well as the typical services provided for our non-trustee listings.

These services offered by Marc-Aaron Realtors are provided to you at no additional charge above our standard listing fee. It gives you the peace of mind that your client’s assets are being properly cared for, while freeing up a large amount of your time from the burden and hassle of all the small intricate details associated with the disposition of trust/probate real estate.

These real estate services are offered throughout all San Diego County, as well as parts of Orange County, Riverside County and Imperial County. Some services can be (and have been) provided state-wide, for those accounts with real estate assets "sprinkled" around the state, sometimes in the middle of nowhere.

Our goal is to provide you, the professional fiduciary, with better service and support, tailored to your own personal needs, allowing you more time and energy to concentrate on the needs of your clients, and do the things you would prefer to be doing.

There is no value that can be placed on the satisfaction of clients who know that their trustee, real estate broker, and others selected to handle their family's affairs work together in unison for their highest good.

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Marc-Aaron Realtors provide a wide array of services, many you may not realize, such as assisting with property insurance claims for clients and even managing environmental hazardous waste assessment and remediation for environmentally contaminated properties.

Fiduciary Success Stories

Spoons In The Attic

During a pre-listing termite inspection on a vacant and empty property located on La Jolla Boulevard, we were chatting with the termite inspector while in the attic when we noticed several bales of insulation, one looking slightly different than the other. Upon further inspection, inside was found many antique silver spoons that had been collected by the deceased husband and wife while in Europe during the 1920s, 30s and 40s. The existence of these valuables was unknown... ​Read More​

The Inheritance That Almost Slid Away

One night an elderly widow living on Calle del Oro in La Jolla awoke in her bedroom to the rubbling sound of her hillside sliding away, caused from a water pipe that had burst and saturated the slope to the point of failure, damaging her pool in the process. As an original owner of the home, the property was a large portion of the inheritance for her grandchildren. The only problem was that the insurance company didn't cover reconstruction of land, only property. They offered to pay for the pool, but not the hillside. Most of the property's value (and grandchildren's inheritance) was about to be lost. We weren't about to let that happen... ​Read More​

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