Information for Fiduciaries and Trustees

Full Service Listing Menu

The following list is our "Menu of Services" available to our professional fiduciaries at no additional charge as part of our "Full Service Listing" program for all types of properties, from land and single-family residences, to apartments and commercial projects.

Please note that services designated with an asterisk (*) are coordinated and managed by Marc-Aaron Realtors at no additional charge, when part of our "Full Service Listing" program; however, these services are provided by third party companies who will charge the trust account directly for their services provided.

Our goal is to relieve you from all the legwork required to coordinate and manage these tasks:

  • Initial Broker Price Opinion (BPO)
  • Date of Death (DOD) / Probate Appraisals*
  • Public Records Searches (Recorded Deeds)
  • Strategic Planning to Maximize Property Value
  • Tax Deferred (§1031) Exchanges
  • Personal Property Appraisal / Auction*
  • Personal Property / Debris Removal*
  • Exterior / Landscaping Cleanup*
  • Well / Septic Testing*
  • Lead / Asbestos Testing*
  • Structural / Geological Engineering Reports*
  • Property Boundary Surveys*
  • ADA Compliance Inspections*
  • Wood Destroying Pests (Termite) Inspections*
  • Minor Repairs / Maintenance / Improvements*

Additional Services

The following services are offered for an hourly or flat fee charge for all types of properties:

  • Lease Renewals / Modifications
  • Property Insurance Claims
  • Property Tax Reduction Requests
  • Managing Environmental Hazardous Waste Assessment and Remediation
  • Coordinating Major Renovations / Improvements

Taking Requests...

Do you have a task you would prefer not doing that is not listed above? Just let us know. We will do whatever we possibly can to assist you. Once we review your request, we will let you know if we have the ability to include it at no charge in our "Full Service Listing" program, or as part of our hourly services.

" I want to congratulate you on your successful marketing of real estate assets for our division over the past several years. I know that without your depth of knowledge and wide-ranging experience, things would not go as smoothly as they do."

Harry G., Vice President & Senior Asset Manager (Ret.), Union Bank of California