Buyer Success Stories

Finding the Perfect Home...In Less Than 60 Minutes

Thomas was an out-of-town executive and single father of three who was transferring to San Diego County. When he was referred to us, we began emailing listings to him on a regular basis so he could become familiar with the different neighborhoods and types of homes available in North County. After settling on Carlsbad, and getting closer to his move date, we finally met in person for the first time and began looking at houses. As you can imagine, it came as a surprise to Thomas when we found the perfect home in less than 60 minutes after we first met.

Based upon our prior interviewing and questioning, we had a good idea the type of property Thomas was looking for. That first day we had scheduled to look at six homes. He found his at #2. We submitted an offer that was accepted. But we didn't stop there. We wanted to make sure Thomas was happy with his choice and wasn't going to have "second thoughts" wondering if he had found a house too soon. So even though we were already in escrow, we took another day and drove Thomas all around Carlsbad looking at more and more houses just so he would feel comfortable in his decision. It was then he knew, he had found the perfect home at number two.

... And Sometimes It Takes A Little Longer

Patricia was about five years away from retiring, and with home prices low, wanted to find a home before the market improved and a home where she could eventually settle and enjoy gathering with her extended family. It was all about finding the right home with the right features, including a nice view. Little did we know at the beginning of the process that it was going to take over two years to find that home. Over the course of that time, we submitted a few offers, but nothing stuck. When she began getting more and more anxious to find a home, we continued to remind her about being patient, that quite possibly the reason we hadn't found a home yet was that the right one wasn't ready for her (not every buyer finds a home is less than 60 minutes, right?). As time would prove, those words proved right. An elderly couple was moving out of their family home, and we found it the same day it hit the market. We quickly and aggressively negotiated a deal, and was able to find the perfect home for Patricia, sweeping panoramic view and all.

Sometimes A Leopard Has to Change Its Spots

As long-term clients and friends, Terry and Linda have purchased and sold several properties through us over the years. Now that they were in their retirement years, they wanted to find a home to spend their retirement, and we did. But that's not what this Success Story is about. It's about getting a leopard to change its spots. When a home Terry wanted became available, we recommended writing a full-price, no-nonsense offer, a suggestion that he resisted, but eventually agreed with. It had just been placed on the market, and was going to have an open house the coming weekend. We didn't want to wait, because we knew if we did, it would become a bidding war. Terry and Linda got the house, much to the disappointment of the other buyers who were interested, and even more to the surprise of Terry and Linda's lender, who said "Terry never pays full price for anything!" We explained that sometimes, when the right property comes along, that a leopard needs to change its spots in order to successfully capture the right home. He quickly agreed.